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Take a look around, this site is dedicated to providing you with the best security available. We will never sacrifice your protection, or the quality of our installations, for price.

We will guide you through  the very basics of security, fire and environmental  systems. The system should enhance your every day living, never subtract or become a chore to use.

We hope with the aid of your own research, along with the information we will provide, you will be able to determine the level of protection best suited for your requirements. You will find the things in life you are concerned about, are also our concerns.


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America has suffered sneak attacks before, you have made our eagle cry, those who have made our eagle cry in the past paid dearly. Now we have dried our eyes, comforted our eagle and put you on notice, our eagle will cry no more.




Much has been said about the many brave men and woman who gave their lives or fought to save others on 9-11. So little has been said for the many rescue dogs who worked far beyond endurance to accomplish almost impossible tasks. They went into places only they could or would go, without all of the body protection that man has designed for his own safety. While the normal human being may flee from inevitable danger, the rescue dog would stay with its master, even if it meant their certain death. Consider the human life span in relation to this brave animals life span, consider his valuable capabilities, then give them the honor they so   rightfully deserve.